Development Update #52

Here is todo list. Help appreciated.

We will try to write more todo lists.

There is a major problem. All of the coins are in the genesis address and I cannot spend them for an unknown reason. The output is not being found. I working on this. - The unit tests, test for this and the genesis spend test passes and the later spends work. This should not be occuring. - The problem may be in the wallet code I changed yesterday - More functions are being added to troubleshoot. The whole blockchain explorer can run inside of the local webclient if enough API functions are added. - The balance function may have broken.

The software is evolving and becoming smaller, simpler and more elegant. At great cost of suffering and refactoring. I tried to make very large changes and refactoring was too frustrating. Now I am making small incisions and making sure it compiles and runs. This avoids being stuck in an impossible refactoring situation for weeks. However, the process of refactoring is now several hundred small changes.

The modules are becoming more single purpose and the dependencies they import are being minimized. Daemon is at the top level, but Visor will eventually be at top level and Visor will pull in the networking library (Visor becomes a Skywire application, with Skywire replacing Daemon).

This requires moving :
Then there are several other improvements that can be done:
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